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Belgrade Fortress sightseeing (guided tour) (Friday, September 15th, 15.00h - 18.00h)

The complex of Belgrade Fortress, like important symbolical and cultural-historical point, located above the confluence of the Sava and Danube River and Great War Island, provides one of the most beautiful views of Europe. With its Upper and Lower Town, as well as Kalemegdan Park, it is the first-class outdoor museum. There is a series of monuments, museums, galleries and temples that you can see and visit there. Monument ``The Victor`` on a high post made of whitw marble, is the symbol of Belgrade.

Program includes:

  • walking tour with a professional guide


€ 6


Minimum participants: 10


Belgrade River cruise, dinner included(Sunday, September 17, 19.00h to 23.00h)


Belgrade is situated at the confluence of two rivers, Danube and Sava.
Danube is one of the longest rivers of the world, second only to Volga in Europe, with its length (2850 km) and branching tributaries (120 tributaries).

588 km of its course passes through Serbia; it is navigable throughout its length and represents a natural link to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. The Sava River is 945 km long, with 207 km of the length passing through Serbia, and it connects Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Two big and exciting rivers frame the portrait of Belgrade and finish the painting of its character. They also the mirror over which this city every day brings its diverse faces. The banks of Belgrade rivers are full of promenades and cycling treks, rafts with cafes and restaurants and clubs, sport centers, beaches and playgrounds. And people, of course. Day and night…
Program includes:
• bus transportation from meeting point to the place of embarkation,
• Three-hour cruise,
• buffet dinner (drink is not included),
• return bus transfer


€ 28


Minimum participants: 30


Dinner in Skadarlija, a Belgrade bohemian quarter (Sunday, September 17, 20.30h - 00.00h)

Skadarlija1The old, bohemian quarter of Belgrade, arose during the late 19th and early 20th century when its inns were the gathering place of the best known names in Belgrade. It is frequently compared to the Montmartre of Paris, both in appearance as well as the exuberant and dynamic artistic atmosphere.Skadarlija 2

This part of the city arose during the early 19th century, with Skadarska Street being named and the houses being numbered in 1872. Skadarlija was once home to many famous writers, actors, painters and journalists. Many famous local and international names “spent their best days there – during the night”. This ambient environment along with galleries, antique and souvenir shops is revitalization in 1968.
Program includes:
• Walking to bohemian quarter from meeting point,
• Dinner in traditional restaurant with:
• Traditional and delicious dishes (drinks included too),
• Live music during the evening and independent return to hotels


€ 35



Gala dinner with traditional and international dishes, drinks and folk dance in PALACE hotel
(Sunday, September 17, 20.00h to 23.30h)

During centuries, Serbian folklore has evolved and it has had significant influence on originality of folk creations. This is easily recognized in songs that have the same text but are, on the other hand, interpreted differently in different ambient. Typical form of Serbian folk dances is “kolo”. It is a chain of dancers holding each other’s dancing ideally in a circle. Dances and songs are the oldest forms of folk art which had prominent place in people’s lives. Numerous important events such as birth, marriage, death, victory in battle, successful hunt or rituals, were accompanied by dances and songs. Combined with excellent food and drink this evening will remain in the memory of all who had to be attended.

Program includes:
• Gala buffet dinner with traditional Serbian and international dishes
• (drinks included too),
• folk dancing during the evening,
• independent return to hotels


€ 45


Minimum participants: 30

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