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SGA - 2016, Belgrade, May 18-20, 2016

The Mathematical institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts is organizing a conference in honor of Dragos Cvetkovic for his 75th birthday. Professor Cvetkovic is one of the pioneers of spectral graph theory in mathematics and author of classical monographs in the field, such as Spectra of Graphs-Theory and Applications, Academic Press, 1980, and Eigen spaces of Graphs, Cambridge University Press, 1997.
The conference will take place in Serbian Academy of Science and Arts in Belgrade on May 18-20, 2016. Invited speakers are:
- Willem Haemers (Tilburg): Spectral characterizations of graphs
- Jack Koolen (Hefei): On graphs with smallest eigenvalue at least -3
- Vilmar Trevisan (Porto Alegre): Recent developments on Laplacian
eigenvalue distribution
- Christoph Helmberg (Chemnitz): A semi definite programming view on spectral
properties of graph Laplacians

Scientific committee consists of:
Nair de Abreu (Rio de Janeiro), FrancescoBelardo (Naples), Domingos Cardoso (Aveiro), Edwin van Dam (Tilburg), Tatjana Davidovic (Belgrade), Ivan Gutman (Kragujevac), Vladimir Nikiforov (Memphis), Peter Rowlinson (Stirling), Slobodan Simic (Belgrade), Zoran Stanic (Belgrade), Dragan Stevanovic (Belgrade) and Ian Wanless (Melbourne).

In addition to invited lectures, participants may also present short contributions of 20 minutes, related to either theoretical properties or applications of spectra of matrices associated with graphs. As is customary for conferences organized by mathematicians, a booklet of abstracts will be available at the conference, while selected papers will be submitted to a special issue of the institute's journal Publ. Inst. Math., Nouv. Ser. and they will undergo a standard peer review procedure.

The deadline for registration and abstract submission is Apr. 15, 2016. 
Abstracts should be prepared in

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